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About Us

Play some toys, make some noise.

Playsometoys UK Ltd is a company that creates unique designer collectibles. Each product is designed and created by founder Philip Lee. Our motto is always to create something unique that makes an impact. With the unique vision of Philip, two brands, Classicbot and DrainArt were created.


Philip has a soft spot for product designs from the 80s and early 90s, especially old electronic and computer designs. Classicbot is a unique homage to those vintage designs. It is a line of toys that turns old computer designs into action figures or plush toys. These toys are perfect collectibles for people who love geek cultures and they are wonderful gifts for people who are big in nostalgia.

Each toy is meticulously designed to recreate the vintage form. No details are too small for us to ignore. Since its conception, Classicbot has gathered a cult following. It is sold to collectors from around the world. From Malta to the United States. From UAE to Japan. Most of the Classicbot are so on our official store. But you can also find them in retail shops in Japan, The United States, and the United Kingdom. They are also sold in the private Apple Museum in Poland, and the Centre for Computing History in Cambridge UK. We also have a distributor, Toy Art, in the United Kingdom.


Philip and his wife Mary love to travel to Japan and they love Japanese culture. During their trips, they discover the amazing designs of manhole covers in Japan. Each design is unique and represents the local culture of each city. With the approval of various Japanese city governments, Philip turns the manhole designs into enamel pins that one can wear.

Each design tells a unique story. Some of them are about folklore, and some are about local plants and scenic spots. All of them are fascinating to look at. They are wonderful for any Japanese lovers.