Our Journey



Playsometoys UK Ltd is located in Cambridge UK. It is the brainchild of Hong Kong-born designer Philip Lee. Philip was an experienced advertising designer in Hong Kong before he wanted to pursue his true passion, designer toys. While still working in an advertising agency Philip found Playsometoy Company Limited in Hong Kong in 2016 and he debuted his first toy prototype, Classicbot Classic in Toysoul Hong Kong in the same year. The toy was an instant hit and went into production immediately, and the brand Classicbot was born.

Since then Classicbot has grown its product line. In recent years it also expands from plastic action figures to plush toys and phone pouches.

Inspired by his trips to Japan, in 2020 Philip created another brand DrainArt that focuses to bring Japanese aesthetics into wearable accessories.

Philip and his family moved to Cambridge in 2021. To continue to develop his two brands, Philip founded his UK company Playsometoys UK Ltd. He has continued to operate his businesses in the beautiful city of Cambridge.

Philip believes his products bring joy to the collectors. And he is looking forward to creating more unique designer products in the future.